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Delkor Robotic Loader C series

Combine the Delkor C series robotic loader with any of the Delkor forming and closing modules for a high quality single-source solution. Our integrated robotic solutions provide a compact robotic cell paired with proven carton forming and closing technology. With a variety of collator configurations and top quality Fanuc robotics to suit your application, sourcing equipment for your top-load project has never been easier.

The Delkor Flex Loader® I and P series

The Delkor Flex Loader® D series

The Delkor Spot-Pak® I and P series

  1. Capacity: Loads up to 400 units per minute in single or multiple layers; double-indexing servo collator for up to 80 cartons per minute

  2. Compact footprint: Machine measures only 80” (2032 mm) in both directions

  3. Fast, accurate product changeovers: Tool-less changeover in 1 to 2 minutes

  4. Robust frame: Welded 6” x 6” stainless steel frame provides a solid foundation for the hard-working delta robot; Allows for open walk-in access to operators

  5. Sanitary design: Product contact surfaces constructed of stainless steel or food-grade materials; IP67 food grade robot
    Available configurations
  1. 1400 series
    Speed capability (application dependent)
  1. 1400 series up to 80 units per minute
    Machine capacity
  1. 1400 series carton sizes up to 9" W x 12" L x 5"H
  1. 6” x 6” welded stainless steel frame
  2. NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
  3. Heavy-duty gearboxes and drives
  4. FDA-compliant plastic componentry
  1. Production monitoring and reporting through color touch screen HMI
  2. Recipe management system for package setup parameters
    Controls & Electronics
  1. Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  2. Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 700 color touchscreen HMI
  3. Allen Bradley Powerflex 4 VFD
  4. Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drives
  5. Ethernet connectivity
  6. 20% minimum spare I/O for system integration
  7. Three-color machine status light tower
  1. Electrical Service
    480 VAC
    50-60- Hz
    35 amps
  2. Compressed air
    15 SCFM @ 80psi
  1. Interlocked safety guarding
  2. Non-contact RF switches with safety monitor relay
  3. Low-voltage control circuitry with touch-safe terminal blocks
  4. Low/high-voltage panel segregation
  5. Lockout/tagout ready air and electrical disconnect
  6. Filtered air supply with shut-off valve and dump valve
  7. Three emergency stop buttons
    Training support
  1. Machine orientation provides a smooth hand-off to operators
  2. Delkor 1080° training program provides more formal instruction for machine operation and machine maintenance
    Optional equipment
  1. Wire-mesh doors
  2. 240/415 VAC electrical service
  3. Multilingual prompts
  4. Spare parts kit
  5. Stainless steel conduit
  6. IP67 food-grade servomotors, gearboxes, and pneumatics

The Delkor Robotic Loader C series is cabable of picking individual units with a weight of up to 26 lbs (12 kilograms) and placing them into a variety of cartons, cases, and trays.

traditional carton closing

carton closing

hooded carton closing

single top flap carton closing