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Retail Ready Tray Forming Video
Retail Ready Tray Forming Video

Trayfecta R series Retail Ready Tray Former

The Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former Brochure

Tray and Carton Forming video
Tray & Carton Forming Video

Tray and Carton Former brochure

Tray & Carton Formers and Closers Brochure

Trayfecta S series Tray and Carton Former

The Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former

The new Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former erects specialized display trays designed to hold tapered cup containers for cultured dairy cups and other food products. Retail-ready display trays of this type have achieved broad acceptance among retailers because of their ability to reduce shelf stocking time and to display consumer units in the proper orientation for customers to see and select. Display trays with cup-holding cutouts are frequently used for multi-cup arrays of yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, or buttery spreads.


Trayfecta M Carton Former
Trayfecta S Carton Former

The Delkor Retail Ready Tray Formers fully automate a tray-making sequence that previously had required several different packaging machines to achieve. Now, all steps are accomplished by the Retail Ready Tray Former within a single, space-saving machine footprint.
The new Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former erects retail ready trays with dimensions ranging in sizes up to 20 inches wide, 12 inches front-to-back, and 2.75 inches deep at production rates of up to 40 trays per minute.


  1. Ability to form a retail ready die cut trays on one machine
  2. Spring-load devices on forming heads minimize the risk of material jams
  3. Pneumatic ejection cylinders
  4. Tool-less product changeover in 15-20 minutes or less
  5. Rockwell Automation control circuitry with self-diagnostics
  6. Easy-to-access panel with pneumatic controls all in one place
  7. Color touchscreen HMI control panel with English/Spanish prompts (optional)
  8. Menu driven selection of preset operating speeds and glue dispensing patterns
  9. Welded ¼-inch tubular stainless steel frame construction


Trayfecta servo drives
Ergonomic Blank Loading
Lowered magazine makes tray blank replenishment safer and easier.
Trayfecta pick up arms Tray Blank Pick
The vacuum cups on a pick-arm assembly select a carton blank from one of several magazine lanes feeding the machine.
Trayfecta shuttle Shuttle
The pick arm places the blank onto guide rails from which a lugged servo belt moves it forward into position between the forming head and the forming cavity.
Trayfecta adhesive application Adhesive Application
Hot-melt adhesive is applied to the tray flaps during the controlled shuttle transfer.
Trayfecta forming head Tray Forming Head
Once a blank is in position, a forming head drives the tray blank downward, through the forming cavity, to create a formed tray.
Trayfecta spring loaded cavity Spring Loaded Cavity
Forming activity occurs in a unique spring-loaded forming cavity that prevents product jamming and the costly downtime that can occur.
Trayfecta carton discharge Tray Eject
The formed tray is automatically ejected from the bottom of the forming cavity to a closing conveyor.
Tray Closing
The bottom flaps of the tray are glued and closed to finish forming the retail ready tray.
Tray Orientation
The formed retail ready trays are orientated before discharging to a pick and place loader or other downstream packaging equipment.
Gull Wing Doors
Oversize gull wing doors ease access to critical machine areas.
  1. Redundant door interlocks & safety monitor relay
  2. Lock-out tag-out ready air and electrical disconnect
  3. Air supply shut-off valve with dump
  4. Two emergency stop buttons
  1. Low level blank magazine
  2. Ergonomic guard doors with gas shock assist
  3. Light-weight forming tools
  4. Auto retract magazine pressure plate for easy loading
  5. Swivel-mounted HMI for easy viewing
  6. Forming Capabilities
  7. Die Cut Retail Ready Trays
    Machine Capacity
  1. Blank sizes up to 23" W by 32.5" L
    Machine Size
  1. 166" length x 48" width
  2. Standard discharge height = 36" elevation (carton size dependent)
  1. Production monitoring & reporting through HMI touch screen
  2. Form on-demand photo eye
  3. Discharge verification sensor
  4. Magazine level sensor with operator alert
  5. Adhesive level sensor with operator alert
  6. English/Spanish HMI language optional
  1. Available in stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel construction
  2. Standard fully welded tubular frame
    Utility Requirements
  1. 30 amp disconnect @ 480V 60hz 3-Phase (240V/575V Optional)
  2. 15 CFM @ 80 PSI Air consumption (Maximum)
  1. 5-15 minute changeover
  2. Tool less quick change parts
  3. Labels and scales on all adjustment points
  4. Step-by-step changeover documentation in manual
    Controls & Electronics
  1. Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC
  2. Allen Bradley Panelview 700 “Plus” color touch screen HMI
  3. Allen Bradley Ultra 6000 servo drives
  4. Ethernet capabilities optional
    Adhesive System
  1. Nordson ProBlue 10 adhesive melter
  2. H201/202T zero cavity air-open / air-close application heads or EM-901/902 electronic application heads available
  3. Wash down heads and hoses available for demanding environments

Trayfecta S series layout drawing

The Delkor Retail Ready Tray Former erects specialized retail ready trays that are designed for speed to shelf.


Pack Pattern



Tapered Cup


7.00 7.00 9.00 16.00


6-Pack 10.50 7.00 12.50 16.00 1.00
8-Pack 14.00 7.00 16.00 16.00 1.00
12-Pack 14.00 10.50 16.00 23.00 1.00
Tapered Cup


8.00 8.00 11.00 19.00


6-Pack 12.00 8.00 15.00 19.00 1.50
8-Pack 16.00 8.00 19.00 19.00 1.50
12-Pack 16.00 12.00 19.00 27.00 1.50
Tapered Cup


9.50 9.50 13.50 23.00


6-Pack 14.25 9.50 18.25 23.00 2.00
8-Pack 19.00 9.50 23.00 23.00 2.00
12-Pack 19.00 14.25 23.00 32.50 2.00