• Service Support

Delkor service support is avaliable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact us by phone or email
and we'll get back to you as
quickly as possible.

Delkor Systems, Inc.
8700 Rendova Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55014

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  • Replacement Parts

Parts DepartmentDelkor's commitment to our customers continues with an extensive inventory of parts on hand and ready to ship. We also work closely with all our vendors so un-stocked parts can be shipped direct to your facility.

Delkor's Parts Department is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM central time zone. Parts can also be ordered after hours in case of an emergency.

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After Market Services

Delkor's Service Team Delkor Systems strives to provide our customers with the highest level of operating efficiency and safety through prompt, courteous and complete after market services (AMS).

Our team of qualified Service Technicians will:
  • Help you plan an effective startup of your Delkor packaging system
  • Install your packaging machinery
  • Train your employees in the safe operation and maintenance of your Delkor packaging system
  • Provide scheduled preventative maintenance of your Delkor equipment
  • Provide 24 x 7 service support via direct phone access
  • Delkor 1080 Training Program

PMMI Certified Trainers

Delkor service technicians recently improved their training skills by successfully completing the Certified Trainer Program conducted under the auspices of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute trade association.

Certified PMMI TrainersThe PMMI Certified Trainer Program is a train the trainer program that teaches professionals in the packaging industry the skills needed to provide quality instruction to improve equipment reliability, employee safety and line efficiency. PMMI Certified Trainers create valuable documentation content and a purpose driven training curriculum that emphasizes practical learning and problem solving techniques.


  • Conversions
Machine Upgrades

Machine Modifications and Upgrades

The Delkor Packaging Machine modification and upgrade service helps customers respond to changing market conditions that dictate new package sizes, configurations, and even new package styles. We can extend the functional life of an older, previously installed Delkor unit by modifying or upgrading the equipment to meet new requirements and opportunities, often on-site with minimal disruption to plant operations. Conversions and upgrades reflect the same high quality standard that goes into new Delkor end-of-line systems, and they are covered by an equivalent New Machine warranty.

We provide:
-New tooling to change package size or configuration
-Servo upgrades to provide easy changeover and smooth operation
-Increase machine efficiencies with upgraded infeed or product collation solutions.
-Upgraded guarding to increase operator safety


  • Rebuild Program
Machine Rebuilds

Rebuild Program for Mechanical Tray & Carton Formers Series 751 and 752

Delkor also maintains a rebuild program for its mechanical tray formers going back to units built back as far as 1975 (known as Models 751 and 752). The rebuild program provides our customers a completely rebuilt mechanical tray former and incorporates modern electronics and guarding as shown in attached photo.