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Bottle Loading equipment

After researching options, Zotos selected a Trayfecta M2 1503 carton former and a Capstone S2 1500 carton closer, both from Delkor Systems Inc.. These forming and closing systems were installed at Zotos at the beginning of 2013 to handle the company’s new three-bottle-per-carton perm kits.

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MN Business article on Delkor sucess
Spring 2015 PP-OEM:
"New Product development pays off for Delkor"

"When top management at Delkor decided in 2008 to alter their approach to new product development, it’s unlikely they foresaw the profound effect this decision would have ..."

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MN Business article on Delkor sucess
Sep 2014 Canadian Packaging:
"Toast of the town - Most Daring Adventure

"No manufacturer of global renown has ever gotten to be that way without daring to set high goals for itself ..."

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MN Business article on Delkor sucess
Jul 2014 MN Business:
"For Delkor Systems, success has meant thinking outside the box "

"Stroll down your local grocery store’s cereal aisle and you can likely find oatmeal sold in canister-shaped packages. Though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the label or brand, Eden Prairie–based Grain Millers ..."

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Packaging World article on Delkor KwikCool
Aug 2013 Packworld:
"Linear servo motor permits unique cartoning system "

"All in a very small footprint, this integrated packaging system forms, loads, and closes cartons thanks to its “racetrack” conveyor powered by servo linear motors ..."

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Pioneer Press
May 2013 Pioneer Press:
"Creativity triggers growth for packaging equipment maker "

"In the couple of seconds it takes to open a box of Velveeta, you’re undoing 2,000 hours worth of engineering ..."

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Packaging World
Feb 2013 Packaging World Magazine: "Cartoning made Simple"

"What used to take six operators now requires just one as Schiff Nutrition automates its cartoning operation. At 400 nutrition bars/min, the speed is pretty impressive, too ..."

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Enterprise Minnesota
Jan 2013 Enterprise Minnesota Magazine: "Packaging Pros"

"Step onto the production floor at packaging manufacturer Delkor Systems in Arden Hills and you may think you’ve stepped into a showroom. On polished floors and under high ceilings sit dozens of new food packaging machines, each forming, filling or closing cartons of food products at high speeds. Colored tape outlines the correct position for every object that touches the floor, from machines to easels ..."

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Delkor pours over $500,000 into new product development
Jul 2011 Treasury Notes: "The Twin Cities: Innovation at Work"

"'Innovation at work' could be the slogan for Minnesota's business community, as we learned during Under Secretary for International Affairs Lael Brainard's recent visit to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. With 20 Fortune 500 firms and nearly half a million small businesses, the state is home to a myriad of leading innovators ..."

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Delkor pours over $500,000 into new product development
Feb 2011 Star Tribune:
"A survey of 400 Minnesota manufacturing executives found far more expecting better sales than in 2008."

"The recession was especially brutal for companies like Delkor Systems Inc., which makes packaging equipment for other manufacturers. "We're a bellwether for the condition of manufacturing," said Dale Andersen, president of the Minneapolis company, whose 2009 sales fell by about 25 percent, forcing him to lay off about eight employees. "It was a really tough time, but we started coming back last year, and this year so far has been fantastic ..."

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As Seen in Dairy Foods dot com
Aug 2010 Dairyfoods.com:
"Wells Dairy New Equipment Helps Streamline Production"

"Ken Alesch, senior project integrator at Wells' Dairy, Inc. in Le Mars, Iowa, the manufacturer of BLUE BUNNY and Weight Watchers ice cream and frozen desserts, will return to this fall's PACK EXPO International in search of equipment to help expand the company's manufacturing operation and support its sustainability initiatives. After visiting the show in 2008, Alesch purchased several systems that improved efficiency and time to market and were easily integrated into the company's existing floor plan ..."

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Enterprise Minnesota Feb 2010 Cover
Feb 2010 Enterprise Minnesota Magazine: "Ones to Watch"

"These five Minnesota manufacturers have achieved successes and growth throughout the economic recession, and they are ready for a rebound in 2010 For today's product packaging industry, it's a brave new world—no longer just a way to transport goods from Point A to Point B. Perhaps no one is more aware of this than Dale Andersen. As CEO of Delkor Systems, a packaging equipment manufacturer in Minneapolis, Andersen has watched the packaging industry accelerate from a simple method of transportation to full-throttle brand promotion, with eye-catching logos and unique package shapes designed to grab customers' fleeting attention ... "

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Green Packaging story in the Allen Bradley Automation Journal
Aug 2009 Rockwell Automation Journal Magazine: "Green Packaging"

Making and using secondary packaging affects cost and environmental issues. Learn how a study compared the sustainability of flat-pad packaging systems versus regular slotted cases "...For product packagers, sustainable production means reconciling what can appear to be conflicting goals: minimizing any negative impacts their packaging may have on the environment while adequately protecting products during shipping and handling, and minimizing packaging costs to their customers. Packagers are facing increasing demands for sustainability from every direction — consumers, retailers and nonprofit watchdog groups — with few of these groups offering specific guidelines on how to measure it ..."

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Food and Beverage Intelligent Design article
Aug 2008 Food & Beverage Packaging:
"Making the Case for Intelligent Design"

"...One way to reduce secondary packaging materials is to do away with a full case or a tray for primary packs that can support some stacking on their own. For example, Delkor's Spot Pak machinery applies a temporary adhesive to a corrugated flat pad, which holds the product. After the product is placed, the pad is shrink wrapped in polyethylene film, keeping the product stable despite the substantial reduction of corrugate. (The machine supports running either a tray or a pad) ..."

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Canadian Packaging Magazine Straight Down the Line
Apr 2008 Canadian Packaging Magazine: "Straight down the line"

It's not easy being green: just ask any of the legions of packaging equipment manufacturers all over the world being pressured by their prized clients in the global CPG (consumer packaged goods)industries to rethink, redefine and revamp the way they do business ...

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Delkor carton formers and closers featured in Packaging World Magazine November 2008
Nov 2008 Packaging World Magazine:
"High Capacity Line Supports Sweetener Launch"

"...the largest hurdle was "coming up with a high-capacity line right from the start." Werner concedes that rebuilding three Cloud machines fast enough to meet Cargill's aggressive timeline was also a challenge, as was finding a carton-closing system that could accommodate the carton's hooded-lid design at high speeds. Delkor provided the carton closing solution by adding "intelligent positioning" technology to its existing TSC600 carton closing machine, re-designating it the Delkor Capstone. The technology precisely aligns the leading edge of the carton and the scored, fold over front flap during sealing using a servo-driven carton positioning mechanism that consistently produces a symmetrically sealed carton at 150/min ..."

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MN Business article on Delkor sucess
Oct 2014 Dairy Foods:
"Case packer helps yogurt maker keep up with orders"

"A taste from Down Under is rapidly capturing Americans' fancy, and Noosa Finest Yoghurt is experiencing dramatic growth as it delivers more and more of its flavorful product to U.S. consumers ..."

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MN Business article on Delkor sucess
Aug 2014 Business Review:
"How Delkor Systems has Fostered an Entrepreneurial Culture"

"Over the last four decades, Minnesota-based Delkor Systems, Inc. has built a thriving manufacturing business by helping consumer product companies automate the packaging of their products ..."

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Dairy Foods article on Delkor KwikCool
Sep 2013 Dairy Foods:
"Delkor's KwikCool unit accelerates chilling process for dairy products "

"The equipment cuts vents into shrink-wrapped bundles of cultured dairy products, allowing high-pressure refrigerated air to mix with the warm air emanating from the packaged product so the product cools quicker ..."

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Packaging Digest
Aug 2013 Packaging World:
"Yoghurt maker describes machinery improvements "

"Wade Groetsch, VP of Operations at Noosa, a start-up maker of “indulgence yoghurts” based in Bellvue, CO, talks about packaging machines and sustainable packaging ..."

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Packworld article on Linear Servo Motors in Cartoning Systems
May 2013 Packaging Digest:
"New canola oil line produces healthy output "

"When installing a new secondary packaging line to keep up with growing demand, Richardson Oilseed found good results with equipment that provided a high level of flexibility ..."

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Food and Beverage
Feb 2013 Food and Beverage Magazine: "What’s new in secondary packaging?"

"New capabilities of secondary packaging systems focus on streamlined processes, total automation and increased flexibility ..."

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Packaging Digest
Mar 2012 Packaging Digest:
"Mapping a Course to Grow Business"

"In 2008, Dale Andersen, president and CEO of Delkor Systems, a Minneapolis, MN-based manufacturer of cartoning and end-of-line packaging equipment, saw a tremendous opportunity developing in packaging ..."

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Delkor pours over $500,000 into new product development
Sep 2011 Enterprise Minnesota:
"Growing Global: Helping Manufacturers Grow Profitably"

"When under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs Lael Brainard traveled to Minnesota to visit Delkor Systems, a packaging machinery manufacturer in Circle pines, she was impressed with its expanding international presence..."

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Delkor pours over $500,000 into new product development
Apr 2011 Enterprise Minnesota:
"Helping Manufacturers Grow Profitably"

"As the manufacturing workforce ages, attracting younger workers with strong skills will be critical. Some Minnesota companies are getting a head start. By all accounts, Tom Partridge is an ideal manufacturing employee ..."

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Enterprise Minnesota Feb 2010 Cover
Jan/Feb 2010 Enterprise Minnesota Magazine:
"Five leading Minnesota manufacturers"

"...For today's product packaging industry, it's a brave new world—no longer just a way to transport goods from Point A to Point B. Perhaps no one is more aware of this than Dale Andersen. As CEO of Delkor Systems, a packaging equipment manufacturer in Minneapolis, Andersen has watched the packaging industry accelerate from a simple method of transportation to full-throttle brand promotion, with eye-catching logos and unique package shapes designed to grab customers' fleeting attention ..."

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Sustainability plus cost savings Packaging World Magazine August 2010
Nov 2010 Quad Community Press: "Local Manufacturers Emerge from Recession"

"Dale Andersen already has his roster set for this year's company Christmas party, and it's full of glad tidings. Andersen, owner and president of Delkor Systems Inc. in Minneapolis, said there are 24 more names on the list than last year. It's one signifier that Delkor is seeing big payoffs from aggressive, if not unorthodox, business strategies last year ..."

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Sustainability plus cost savings Packaging World Magazine August 2010
Oct 2010 Packaging Digest: "Fast times for sweet treats"

"Wells' Dairy Inc. in Le Mars, IA, is no stranger to the benefits of automation for packaging operations. To help grow its business and maintain the high quality of its sweet treats, Wells' Dairy has embraced state-of-the-art technologies ..."

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Sustainability plus cost savings Packaging World Magazine August 2010
Aug 2010 Packaging World Magazine: "Sustainability plus cost savings-- a smart balance indeed"

"GFA Brands Inc. may be a virtual manufacturer. but that hasn't diminished the Boulder, CO-based firm's interest in sustainable packaging. So when management saw an opportunity to get a whole lot greener by asking its contract manufacturers to replace corrugated cases with Delkor Spot Pak Pad Shrink Shippers, the opportunity was seized as quickly as possible ..."

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Enterprise Minnesota Feb 2010 Cover
May 2010 Sunday Pioneer Press: "Three Area Manufacturers are bucking bad times"

"When orders for its food-packaging equipment tanked as the recession set in, the management team at Delkor Systems took a track different than the usual slash-and-burn and-wait-for-better-days strategy. The company tripled its research and development budget. And it hired engineers. Now, the Minneapolis manufacturer is selling a new packaging line to its food-company clients — and is set for sales of $42 million in 2010, which would be its best year. Rewind to mid-recession, when food companies slashed capital budgets in a race to cut costs. Orders for Delkor's equipment tanked, and the company itself faced the prospects of cuts. "That had a pretty profound effect," chief executive and majority owner Dale Andersen said of the drop in orders. "Here in the depths of the recession, in the first few months of 2009, there were just hardly any orders at all coming in."
What then? ... "

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Dairy Foods Automated Line
Mar 2008 Dairy Foods Magazine:
"Cheese Company's Success Leads to Automated Packaging Line"

"... Lamagna needed a machine that could be run in the filler room, necessitating a machine with wash down construction. It is clear that Delkor's loader is designed for this environment, as it is built from stainless steel and offers good access for wash down—a result of Delkor's experience with the dairy and beverage industry. "This gave them an edge," Mike Lamagna says. "It's made for being in a dairy and it shows ..."

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Delkor to debut significant innovations for stand-up pouch case packing at Pack Expo Sep 2014

Delkor Systems will debut several important innovations for case packing of stand-up flexible pouches at Pack Expo International, Nov. 2-5 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Delkor’s new high-speed (HSP-400) and mid-speed (MSP-200) case packers were specifically designed to package stand-up pouches in a variety of SRP (shelf-ready packaging) formats and standard interleaved shippers.Full Story

Delkor will feature Cabrio Case™ and related equipment at Cheese Expo Apr 2014

Delkor Systems, Inc. will feature its new, convertible Cabrio Case™ at the upcoming International Cheese Technology Expo to be held April 22-24 in Milwaukee, WI. Visitors to Delkor’s Booth #703 will be able to see how the patent-pending Cabrio Case shipper opens with a single motion to reveal a clean, shelf-ready tray.Full Story

Delkor detection system ensures product integrity and productivity Sep 2013

The new Delkor Confirm™ vision detection system rectifies both regulatory and competitive concerns
– the need for tighter fault detection and quality assurance – by locating defective food packaging and rejecting the out-of-spec packages without causing line stoppages.Full Story

Delkor Systems Introduces New Director of Marketing May 2013

John Kalkowski has joined packaging equipment manufacturer Delkor Systems, Inc. as Director of Marketing.Full Story

Delkor Systems Opens New Facility in St. Paul, MN Feb 2013

To accommodate its growth, Delkor recently moved its operations to 4300 Round Lake Road West in St. Paul, Minnesota.Full Story

Delkor Expands with Four New Sales Managers Jan 2012

Henk Hoogendoorn, Kevin Weiss, Carlos Cruz and Luke Gardner have been appointed Sales Managers for Delkor Systems, Inc.Full Story

Delkor System's New Marketing and Communications Manager Apr 2012

Delkor Systems has just appointed Rosalia 'Rocky' Buencamino as their new Marketing & Communications Manager as of April 23, 2012.Full Story

Delkor Among 10 Minnesota Firms Honored by Govenor Mark Dayton for Success in International Business Apr 2012

Delkor Systems, Inc. was among 10 Minnesota companies honored Thursday for their success in exporting and international business. Gov. Mark Dayton recognized them as winners of the 27th Annual Governor's International Trade Awards.Full Story

New Cabrio Case™ fulfills retailers' needs for shelf-ready packaging Jun 2014

Grocery retailers, operating on razor-thin margins, are always eager to cut costs while improving the shopping experience for their customers. Many have experimented with shelf-ready packaging (SRP)as one potential solution, but most have found some weakness in SRP offerings that are currently available.Full Story

Delkor Systems Introduces Cabrio Case™ designed for easy conversion to retail-ready display Sep 2013

Delkor Systems, Inc. announces Cabrio Case™, a new design that easily converts a corrugated shipping case to an attractive retail-ready display. The case design also offers a cost-saving alternative to tray/hood or regular slotted cases (RSC).Full Story

Delkor Systems Introduces New KwikCool unit that accelerates the chilling process for dairy products Sep 2013

For Cabot Creamery Cooperative, fresh is best. That’s why the company is using the new KwikCool™ Induction Unit developed by Delkor Systems, Inc. to shave off as much as 30 percent of the time required for its cultured dairy products to cool between packaging and shipping.Full Story

Delkor celebrates 40 years with open house at new facility Jun 2013

Delkor Systems, a premier manufacturer of equipment used to form, pack, close and seal secondary packaging, celebrated 40 years of operation on June 12 with an open house at its new facility, drawing nearly 200 guests from across the country, including representatives of more than 25 major retailers and consumer packaged goods companies. Full Story

Delkor Introduces a New Vice President of Operations Jan 2013

Delkor Systems recently hired Kurt Kern as Vice President of Operations as of November 30, 2012.Full Story

Delkor Systems is Moving to a New Facility
Aug 2012

Delkor Systems, a Minnesota based manufacturer of cartoning, case packing and robotic packaging equipment, is moving this fall to a new 114,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Paul.Full Story

Delkor Introduces Robotic Loader to Product Line Apr 2012

Delkor's new robotic loader allows maximum production efficiency when loading nutritional bars into tri-seal cartons. This compact footprint machine is capable of loading 400 bars per minute, with multiple bars per pick into cartons of single or multiple layers.Full Story

Fred Sowa New Sales Manager for Delkor Systems Jul 2012

Fred Sowa joins Delkor as Eastern Sales Manager responsible for all sales in the U.S. Northeast states along with Ontario, Quebec, and the Canadian Maritime provinces.Full Story

Read more in the Delkor Archives
Delkor Archives
US Department of Commerce Report on Packaging Machiners: Sustainability and Competitiveness

U.S. Department of Commerce report cites Delkor Systems as an "Innovation Leader"

The U.S. Department of Commerce has published a report which identifies Delkor as an innovative leader in sustainable packaging design.  According to Department’s report on Packaging Machinery: Sustainability and Competitiveness, “Delkor has made reducing the use of packaging materials and energy the core of its designs and business strategy.” Leading national retailers are placing large demands on all players in the supply chain to follow sustainable practices.  Delkor’s end of line packaging solutions can provide a pathway for suppliers to achieve this competitive edge. 

Executive Summary
Full Dept of Commerce Report

Environmental Impact Study White Paper
Quantifying the Environmental Impact of Secondary Packaging
By Peter Fox

A comparison of the sustainability of “pad shrink” packaging systems versus RSC cases

The term “sustainability” is heard in boardrooms everywhere these days because it is a concept that embraces both environmental and bottom-line business concerns. For product packagers, sustainability means reconciling what can be conflicting goals: minimizing whatever negative impacts their packaging may have on the environment while adequately protecting products during shipping and handling....

Full Story

Smart Balance Life Cycle Analysis Case Study
Sustainability of Spot-Pak® Packages
By Peter Fox

When used to ship containers of buttery spread, Spot-Pak® systems have significantly less environmental impact than conventional RSC packages.

To show how processed food manufacturers and distributors can effectively package their products while meeting sustainability and cost criteria, this paper will examine the use of the Spot-Pak® package, a unique “pad shrink” system for secondary packaging. The paper details the advantages of this system when compared to a traditional regular slotted container (RSC). Claims in the paper are based on an independent study of both systems when used for secondary packaging of tapered cup containers of buttery spread.

Full Story

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