High speed stand-up pouch loader
Case Packing with Retail-ready

Delkor's carton formers & closers offers speed and operating efficiency for a wide variety of applications.

As a leading manufacturer of cartoners, formers, closers, sealers, as well as robotic pick and place units, Delkor has the technological know-how to design, build, and ensure efficient end-of-line packaging operations.

Case Packing with Retail-ready

Delkor's Case Loaders have the flexibility to load multiple case pack patterns in a single, compact, and efficient packaging line.

Delkor's lineup of case packing equipment offer robust, multi-axis, servo driven designs that consistently achieve perfect placement of primary packages into a broad range of secondary packaging types.

Case Packing with Retail-ready

Delkor's Retail-Ready/Shelf-Ready Packaging solutions work perfectly with today's mass merchandising requirements protecting your investment.

Retailers demand an increasing variety of packaging formats to meet specific display needs. Delkor's unique casing equipment quickly adapt to new formats, providing flexibility for quick changeovers that help maintain high productivity.

Case Packing with Retail-ready

The Spot-Pak Package substantially reduces material consumption compared to other traditional packaging methods.

The Spot-Pak® packaging system is a fully automated end of line packaging solution that uses less packaging materials, without sacrificing package integrity. Delkor's Spot-Pak package uses a combination of flat corrugate pads, adhesive & shrink film, which means about 50% savings on packaging materials.

Case Packing with Retail-ready

Delkor offers complete, flexible, high-speed top-load packaging systems for a wide variety of packaging applications.

Delkor's high-speed robotic pick and place units work efficiently with a wide range of products. Our vision-based, or collating style load cells, can be combined with our Delkor Trayfecta and Delkor Capstone™ machines to create a single source system.

Case Packing with Retail-ready

Delkor's Vision Inspection system automatically diverts faulty product while maintaining production.

Delkor's Vision Inspection System verifies container closure while simultaneously detecting tipped, double-stacked or wrong-size containers. Our Vision Inspection System automatically identifies and removes unacceptable product before it enters the infeed lanes of a Delkor loading machine. This eliminates system downtime.

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Cabrio Case Shippers

Delkor Cabrio Case

Clean-cut case. Clear-cut choice.

This innovative shipping case easily converts to a shelf-ready display with machine-cut edges for outstanding shelf impact. The unique Cabrio Case (patents pending) allows product to be loaded and shipped horizontally. With a quick tilt of the case, the hood can quickly be pulled away to reveal a vertical display tray. It’s the solution brand owners and retailers have been seeking. To learn more, click here.

  • Spot-Pak®

Pad Shrink Packaging System

Spot-Pak ® package

The Spot-Pak case packing alternative, sets a new standard for sustainability in secondary packaging.

Spot-Pak shippers require up to 80% less packaging material than traditional RSC corrugated cartons and boxes.

Spot-Pak packageEasy to open
Spot-Pak packages facilitate shelf-stocking and leave only a small amount of waste material for disposal and recycling.

Sustainable Case Packing



  • Retail Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions

Retail Ready package

Shelf ready packaging protects your products in a display ready tray that stocks quickly and easily onto retail shelves.

Retail Ready package
Shelf ready solutions help shoppers easily find products and purchase them in multiple unit quantities.


Retail Ready Packaging



For more than 40 years, Delkor has provided high-quality, innovative end-of-line packaging equipment serving many industries. The Delkor Spot-Pak package provides a cost reducing, sustainable alternative to case packing. Retail ready packaging options are available to reduce time to shelf displays. Our product lines include: case packers, tray loaders, carton formers / tray formers, carton closers / case closers, carton loading systems, cartoning form, fill, seal systems, vision inspection stations and robotic palletizers.