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Tray Shrink Packaging

When Simple is All You Need.

A reliable shrink film option for simple packaging needs.

Delkor Tray Shrink Packaging

To Shrink Film or Not to Shrink Film?

Whatever the tray size, it can be wrapped in shrink film. Don’t need the shrink film? No problem. Choose glue-less and shrink film-free options.

Delkor Tray Shrink Packaging
See It Now.

Shrink film has options. Showcase your product with clear shrink film or brand it with beautiful print-registered graphics to create a unique marketing message or retail multi-pack.

Delkor Tray Shrink Packaging
Pack It, Stack It.

We have options to handle a wide range of tray-packaged products including boxes, cans or bottles in single or stacked configurations.

Delkor Tray Shrink Packaging
Save Money, Look Great.

Less expensive than corrugated cases, shrink film protects your product from harmful environmental conditions. Need to save even more? Have a look at our Spot-Pak packaging. Combo lines are available so you can perform a push-button changeover from one package style to the other.

Delkor Tray Shrink Packaging
Waste Not. Want Not.

Don’t need shrink film? We have a wide range of tray sizes with glue-less and shrink-free options.