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Retail Ready Packaging

A hands-off solution to shelf-displays.

Shrink-wrapped or simply stacked on a pallet, the choice is yours.

Retail Ready Tray Packaging

Go-to Solution.

The retail-ready tray for rigid containers works double-time as a shipper and SRP. It’s a go-to for your retail ready needs. Widely accepted at retailers large and small, this tray style is perfect for tapered cups and cans.


The pre-cut holes in this Retail-Ready tray ensure perfect product presentation on-shelf. Crisp lines and smooth sides offer a great billboard for added graphics.

Space it out

Ideal product spacing is designed in, and efficient design and overlaps minimize material usage.

Retail Ready Tray Packaging
Push-button changeover

The Retail-Ready tray can be combined with Spot-Pak or tray-shrink in a push-button changeover system. This means no filler stoppages during a packaging style change.