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Delkor Trayfecta® S Series (servo) Former

3-Minute Changeover

Delkor Trayfecta 901s

Quick and Adaptable

Our most popular forming machine maintains versatility and durability for high volume cartoning and 3-minute changeovers.

Delkor Trayfecta Carton and Case Forming
Invest in the Best.

The Trayfecta S Series offers industry-leading versatility with the ability to form cartons, trays and cases including the latest SRP designs. This series of formers run a wide range of sizes & 3-axis servo motion fuels maximum production rates for all applications. This versatility and capacity protect your investment for the long haul.

Trayfecta forms Corrugated board or Paperboard
Materials Don’t Matter.

Whether corrugated board or paperboard, the Trayfecta S Series can change from 14 pt. solid paperboard to double-layer B-C flute corrugated board without batting any eye.  You will no longer be constrained to a single board material when you choose a Delkor Trayfecta for your operation.

Multiple Head trayformer configuration
Fulfill Your Need for Speed.

Single or multi-head configurations let you select the line speed that works best for your operation. Three axis servo motion allows optimized motion for all carton sizes and machine strokes, maximizing the speed capacity for all cartons.  With cycle rates of up to 60 cycles per minute (and up to four lanes of production in a single machine!), the Trayfecta easily produces top-load trays, cartons, and cases for the most advanced high-speed packaging lines.

Trayfecta S Series Tray Former Change-Over
3-Minute Changeovers. Yes, Really.

We understand that your production environment doesn’t have time to wait for complex changeovers, so we’ve designed every one of our machines with a simple tool-less changeover in mind.  A combination of simple crank adjustments and precision change parts ensure that the system will be back to full speed within minutes.

Large corrugated case blank in forming head
No Case too Large or Carton too Small.

The Trayfecta S Series has the widest forming range in the industry. From small paperboard cream cheese cartons to oversized corrugated shippers for oatmeal canisters.

Let's not forget about our ability to form glue style, lock style, fold-over along with the latest unique carton designs. Versatility - it's our specialty.

Trayformer case/carton blank magazine
We’re Here for the Long Run.

High capacity magazines mean you re-feed less often so you can operate long runs between refills. High quality components throughout mean longer machine life and low maintenance requirements.


We've thought of everything.