Delkor Trayfecta® M Series (mechanical) Former

Economies of Scale.

An economical alternative that provides flexible packaging solutions and 5-minute changeover capabilities.

Delkor Systems Trayfecta Carton Former3

Highly Refined and Robust Mechanical Drive.

An economical alternative to the Delkor Trayfecta S Series, the M Series operates a highly refined, simple and robust mechanical drive that is ideal for long production runs and low maintenance requirements.

Delkor Systems Trayfecta Carton Former Changeover1

Change is Good.

We understand that your production environment doesn’t have time to wait for complex changeovers, so we’ve designed every one of our machines with a simple tool-less changeover in mind.  A combination of simple crank adjustments and precision change parts ensure that the system will be back to full speed within minutes.

Delkor Systems Trayfecta Cartons Cases Trays1

Materials Don’t Matter.

Whether heavy-weight corrugated board or ultra-thin solid fiberboard, the M Series is flexible enough to handle both materials on a single machine.

Delkor Systems Trayfecta Former Carton Blank1

What’s Your Style?

Go ahead and run glue style, lock style or fold-over style trays, cartons, or cases.  Have a special request for a customized retail-ready format - give us a call, we're happy to help.

Packaging Machinery Trayfecta Former1

Let’s Meet Your Goals.

With cycle rates of up to 60 cycles per minute (and up to four lanes of production in a single machine!), the Trayfecta easily produces top-load trays, cartons, and cases for the most advanced high-speed packaging lines.

Packaging Machinery Trayfecta Former2

Reliability You Can Count On.

Spring loaded forming cavities and pneumatic carton eject cylinders support reliable high-speed performance. A stainless steel welded frame, oversized shafts and bearings provided a worry-free operation for long lasting performance. 

Packaging Machinery Trayfecta Former Tool Less Changeover1

5-Minute Changeovers.

Simple, tool-less changeovers in as little as 5 minutes. Our easy to follow touch screen checklist and quick insert cavities make it happen.

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