Delkor Retail Cartons

Tri-Seal • Hooded • Top-Seal • Front-Seal • and More...

Delkor can help you create the perfect carton for retail whether you are looking for special functionality - or just a unique on-shelf appearance.

Retail paperboard cartons display

Set yourself apart

Retail carton flexibility in the form of easy-open hoods, clear windows, and open cutouts are easily accomodated with Delkor's fine line of cartoning equipment. Years of packaging design experience allow us to assist in creating a uniquie or eye-catching carton that is well-suited to automation. Already have  your carton in-hand? No problem, our engineering team will get your machine build started on a moment's notice.


Need a recloseable carton?  We can help with that.  A variety of recloseable features including hoods, tabs, inverted tabs, and tear-open tuck flaps can be accommodated on Delkor's line of Capstone closers.  Let us help you devise the perfect solution - or show us what you'd like to do and we'll take care of the rest!

Thin or Thick - you decide

Solid fiberboard cartons from 14 pt. up to multi-layered paperboard laminates of 40 pt. or more can be produced in addition to a virtually any variety of corrugated grades - all on the same Delkor cartoning equipment.

Show off.

Have a product that just needs to be seen? Delkor Capstone features like intelligent positioning allow very large windows and openings to be produced without sacrificing finished carton quality & squareness.

Be Different.

Our cartoning equipment offers versatility to produce unique carton designs, such a 6 or 8-sided cartons, chamfered corners, tapered trays, and more.  Let us show you how we can help you stand out from the crowd.