Delkor Capstone S Series Closer

Intelligent Positioning® Technology ensures perfectly square cartons.

High-speed, superior packaging quality.


Driven to Speed.

Our servo-driven tri-seal closer uses patented Intelligent Positioning® technology to measure and align the flaps on every carton even when running up to 150 cartons per minute.  This technology enables carton and graphic designs that simply are not possible on other machines.

Delkor Capstone S Series
Any Which Way.

Have a need for a left-hand, right-hand, or inline discharge?  Or how about having the cover on the left side or right side as the carton enters the closer?  No problem, the Delkor Capstone S-Series is available in a wide variety of layouts and discharge configurations, allowing it to fit into nearly any plant space.

Delkor Capstone S Series
Forget the Trial-and-Error.

The only closer in the world with Intelligent Positioning technology lets you achive accurate flap placement during sealing & perfectly square cartons. Have a carton with precision graphics?  The Delkor Capstone S Series will make sure they line up perfectly - every time.

Delkor Capstone S Series
Fast is the Name of the Game.

The S Series runs up to 150 units per minute. Tool-less, production-ready changeovers take less than five minutes. Scales and indicators on all crank adjustment points ensure a quick and repeatable changeover.

Delkor Capstone S Series
Robust and Reliable.

Self-tensioning belts allow for simple replacement when worn and are combined with oversized bearings and shafts, and lug-less belts to alleviate maintenance problems common to other closers.

Capstone S
Cleared for Entry.

Ready to clean up? Simply open the doors on the Delkor Capstone S Series and the entire balcony lifts up automatically, providing easy access to all areas of the machine. Close the doors and press reset and you're ready for action.