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Cabrio Case | CHEESE

Proven Performer

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Award-winning Innovation

The Cabrio Case has taken the shredded cheese segment by storm as a tray-hood package created from a single-piece of corrugated board. We are now introducing options for chunk cheese, slice, and others! Cabrio Case uses less corrugated board than two-piece tray-hood packages while having a perfect shelf appearance.

Make an Impression.

Freedom to design shapes and curves that complement your product. Brand owners love the clean shelf appearance with wrapped tray corners and the machine-cut front tray front.

Use Less. Save More.

Single-piece design allows for easy production planning and less SKU's in your system compared to two-piece tray-hood packaging. The Delkor Cabrio Case saves 10 – 20% in corrugated materials compared to tear-away cases, and 10 – 50% compared to full height tray and hood combos. Delkor's packaging systems revert back to cost-effective standard shippers when SRP/PDQ packaging is no longer required.