End of Line Accessories

For more than 40 years, Delkor Engineers have been designing the some of the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective end-of-line packaging systems. From the legendary quality of our first Tray and Carton Forming Machines to today's sustainable Spot-Pak© Flat Tray Packing System, Delkor puts its packaging innovation to work for you.

Delkor Systems provides you with:

  • Complete installation and training
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Allen Bradley controls and automation
  • Fast, on-site technical support and parts availability
  • Problem-solving skills to cut your costs and boost your productivity

  • Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems

As a provider of complete end-of-line packaging solutions, Delkor provides a wide range of conveyor and material handling options. Delkor provides quality conveyor systems to seamlessly integrate any of our packaging system solutions into your existing operation.

Save time and money by purchasing full conveyor system integration by Delkor. Quick ramp-up during installation & a single equipment source ensures success for your project.

We provide complete CAD layouts for all conveyor systems. If you have a CAD plant layout, we will provide you with a comprehensive layout during the project.

  • Right Angle Transfer Conveyors
right angle transfer conveyor

Delkor offers a unique approach to rotate packages 90 degrees without impacting package integrity. At speeds of up to 45 packages per minute, these are the fastest transfer stations on the market.

  • Re-orient packages to run on narrower conveyor for cost-effective conveying.
  • Re-orient packages for post-process operations.
  • Conserve floor space.
As a package enters the transfer station, the photo-eye is triggered which activates the intermittent motion conveyor belt. This conveyor belt drives the package onto an exiting conveyor, then returns to a stop awaiting the next package.