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carton forming and tray forming

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Cartoning Innovations

New Solutions for Top Load Cartoning, Cartoners, Carton Sealing and Case Packing Operations

Long known for its reliable cartoning machinery, Delkor Systems has now broken new ground with innovative approaches to automatic cartoning, trayforming, folding, gluing, sealing and loading. As a leading manufacturer of cartoners, erectors, formers, packers, closers, sealers, loaders and other machines, Delkor has the know-how, experience, and commitment to design, build, and support cost-effective equipment for your end-of-line packaging operations.

  • Carton Forming
Trayfecta Carton Forming Machines

Trayfecta® Series tray and carton forming machines derive their name from an ability to produce all the most common package formats for end-of-line systems: corrugate and paperboard cartons and trays. Trayfecta M series of mechanical formers incorporate many of the same safety and reliability features for which Delkor packaging machines are respected. Trayfecta S series  formers take performance to the next level by applying servo-drive controls to critical machine functions -- thereby increasing speed and flexibility -- while retaining Delkor’s traditional safety and reliability attributes.

Carton Formers

  • Carton Closing
Capstone Tri Seal Carton Closer

The Delkor Capstone Carton Closing Machine features innovative Intelligent Positioning™ technology that consistently align sealing flaps and carton graphics during high-speed operation, resulting in superior package quality.
The Delkor Capstone sets new levels of operating efficiency with features such as tool-less changeover, precision belt drives, and ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.

Carton Closers

  • Carton Loading Systems
Carton Loading for flexible tubes, pouches and sachets

The Delkor CLS carton loading system utilizes modules that are tailored for each and every application. A thorough analysis of the application leads us to the most efficient, effective way to handle the product. This may be our traditional proven two-axis gantry style robots, multi-axis articulated arm robots, or standard "hard automation" to efficiently load the cartons. At speeds up to 500 pieces per minute, the Delkor CLS uses a variety of end-of-arm tools to effectively and efficiently move the product at high speeds. Backed by the dependable Rockwell controls platform, the Delkor CLS is a proven leader in carton loading systems.

Carton Loading

  • End of Line Accessories
Conveyor Systems

Delkor designs and builds accessories to interconnect and complete end-of-line packaging systems. Delkor engineers bring innovation and practical know-how to the creation of important devices such as transfer stations, top pad placers, slip sheet and pallet dispensers, pacing and timing screw units, and guarding.



End of Line Accessories

Delkor Provides Automated Cartoning Equipment

Our cartoning equipment line can handle:

  • Carton forming, erecting and closing
  • Secondary packaging
  • Top load case packing
  • Tray packaging

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Developing The Next Level of Cartoners and Carton Packaging Technology

If your brand requires perfectly formed cartons each and every time, then Delkor's innovative Intelligent Positioning™ technology is the answer for top load cartoning. Delkor engineers are the first ones to figure out how to electronically monitor the position of each individual carton and to make appropriate adjustments at high speed to ensure the highest degree of carton quality and machine performance.

Cartoning Systems for your Packaging Needs

Choose from materials such as corrugated cardboard or paperboard for your multipack or top load cartoning needs. Delkor will create a machine to fold cartons or trays, glue tri-seal flaps and tuck tabs in the right place. Your custom machines can then be integrated with an erector, former, packer, closer, sealer or whatever you need to complete the job.

Top of the Line Cartoning Machine Models

Trayfecta® Series Forming Machines derive their name from an ability to produce all of the most common package formats for end-of-line systems: corrugated cartons, Retail Ready trays and paperboard cartons. Delkor's Capstone Carton Closer product line includes models for closing either top seal cartons or tri-seal cartons. Delkor Forming Machines and Carton Closers are available in both stainless steel and powder coat paint configurations.

Whether operations require a vertical cartoner, a hot glue carton sealer or something different, Delkor can help. Contact us today for innovative and cost-effective solutions to your top load cartoning needs.