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Delkor Capstone Carton Closing video
Delkor Capstone Carton Closing Video


Carton Closing Machines

Delkor Capstone Carton Closing Machines offer the versatility and reliability for which the Delkor brand of packaging equipment is well known and respected.

The Top Seal, or Flange Seal Carton Closer, configured as an inline machine, uses precision belt drives to propel cartons through its versatile and reliable closing/sealing sequence.

With its innovative Intelligent Positioning™ technology, the Tri-Seal Carton Closer ensures precise alignment of carton graphics for more complex containers. Its compact, right-angle layout requires less floor space than other machines in its class.

Both models operate at throughput speeds up to 150 cartons per minute, while handling a broad range of carton sizes. Both offer flexible and reliable Allen Bradley controls while providing quick, tool-less changeover from one product to the next.

  • Delkor Capstone Carton Closer TSC-600p
Delkor Capstone tri seal closer

The Delkor Capstone TriSeal Carton Closing Machine features innovative Intelligent Positioning™ technology to consistently align sealing flaps and carton graphics during high-speed operation, resulting in superior package quality.

The Delkor Capstone sets new levels of operating efficiency with advanced capabilities, such as tool-less changeover, precision belt drives, and ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.

TriSeal Carton Closer

  • Delkor Capstone Carton Closer TSC-300z
Delkor Capstone tri seal closer

Our latest addition to the Delkor Capstone Carton Closer family is an economical, mid-range sealing machine with built-in versatility for Retail Ready and Shelf Ready packaging made from paperboard, E-flute, or corrugated materials. This new model's stainless steel construction and compact layout are well suited to dairy operations where space is often limited. Its inline configuration supports a broad size range of single-, side-, or three-flap cartons/cases at production speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute (application dependent).

  • Delkor Capstone TopSeal Carton Closer
Delkor Capstone flange seal closer

The Delkor Capstone TopSeal Carton Closing Machine is a fully-automatic system that employs Delkor’s precision belt drive technology to accurately position, close and seal top seal cartons at line speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute.

A compact (38 in. wide by 104 in. long) inline configuration enables the new system to align efficiently with a conveyor bringing cartons from upstream filling operations. The machine closes cartons using either mechanical tuck or hot glue sealing, offering optional right or left lid positioning for cartons entering the system. It accommodates a full range of carton sizes

TopSeal Carton Closer