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Technical Service

Delkor's Service Team Delkor Systems strives to provide our customers with the highest level of operating efficiency and safety through prompt, courteous, and complete after market services (AMS).

Our team of qualified Service Technicians will:
  • Install your packaging system
  • Help you plan an effective startup of your Delkor packaging system
  • Train your employees in the safe operation and maintenance of your Delkor packaging system
  • Provide scheduled preventive maintenance for your Delkor system
  • Provide 24/7 service support via direct phone access

Is your line running at the efficiencies that you want and need?

Do you need better production from your line to meet your orders?

Have you made the statement that your line only runs efficiently when a service tech is present?

Because most customers answer yes to these questions, we have developed a major cost saving program to help you operate your Delkor lines at the highest sustainable efficiencies, day in and day out.


The Optimize program is set up to embed our service technicians in your production operation. We provide service technicians to cover your complete production schedule for a set period of time. The technicians work side-by-side with your operators during production and identify areas in which your line can be optimized or improvements can be made. Working side-by-side with your operators also allows for real time training, which is the best training possible and provides long lasting dividends to your plant.

Our customers have discovered that immersing our technicians into their plants has produced huge benefits, both in product through-put and in line efficiencies. Some customers also see an increase in job satisfaction and performance levels among staff members who participate in and witness the results of the optimization effort.


Optimize is applicable anytime after the initial installation and startup support period for a line has ended. When you schedule an Optimize program you will receive a 30% discount off the standard Delkor service labor rates. An up-front commitment of at least 100 hours is required for this rate to apply.

Start seeing all that your line is capable of producing!

Call today to get more information or to schedule your Optimize program.

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In an effort to provide our customers with a way to save on costly service trips or the delay involved in waiting for a technician to arrive on a customer’s site, Delkor is excited to offer its new Remote Assistant Service.

This service allows Delkor to access a machine's PLC to help diagnose or determine the state of a piece of equipment thus speeding its return to a productive running state. This service can also be used to help improve production efficiencies by helping solve nuisance issues or troubling faults. Certain program upgrades are also possible with this remote service. Data collection is not part of this service but can be quoted upon request.

By having the ability to access and get online with a machine's PLC, Delkor can help the plant in a downtime situation to quickly determine the status of a down machine and will be able to better instruct the plant's maintenance personnel on possible solutions.

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Our preventive maintenance or audit program is performed by our world class service technicians that are the resident experts on your equipment. Regular visits allow our technicians to be proactive at maintaining the highest level of health of your equipment to minimize unplanned downtime, preserve production levels, and reduce waste. Our Technicians Provide:

  1. Mechanical, electrical, and controls inspection
  2. Spare parts inventory analysis
  3. Equipment operation optimization
  4. Documentation gap analysis
  5. Machine center-lining techniques
  6. Insight on obsolescence and machine upgrades
  7. Packaging materials assessment
  8. Informal onsite training

Delkor’s Technical Service provides both in-house and onsite technical support available 24/ 7 to maximize uptime on your packaging equipment. With technical expertise in mechanical assemblies and electrical/control circuitry, our technicians are equipped to provide fast, knowledgeable solutions. Technicians are available for installations, preventative maintenance checks, machine and parts audits, remote assistance, and onsite operator and maintenance coaching. Call today to get your support solutions.

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